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SAVVY - I.V. Flow Regulator

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  • SAVVY – I.V. Flow RegulatorSAVVY

    Product Features

    • Modern design (can be adjusted with just one hand)
    • Pressure sensitivity accuracy regulation membrane is fully adjustable(0 ~ 290ml/h±10%)
    • Enables stable flow rate over 24 hours of infusion
    • Soft & Kink tubing 4.0 x 2.7mm (4.1 x 3mm)
    • Regulator protector & Locker
    • I.V. Flow Regulator Protector(Option)

    * The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

    I.V. Flow Regulator Download


  • SAVVY is our patent product that we have upgraded for long-term safety and accuracy.
  • SAVVY is used in accuracy regulation, mainly enabling high level flow control in vein infusion.
  • SAVVY can carry out regulation at the right moment according to conditions and medicine needs, and produces infusions with high accuracy.
  • SAVVY treatment effect, which involves higher doses of medicine, perfectly reduces the occurrence of side effects. The product also reduces reliance on traditional medical sheets and visual examinations. It can also be fully adjusted by using just one hand.
  • Simply designed with reliable action and high product safety, this I.V. Flow Regulator is a welcome and very modern addition to the vein infusion field.

The above specification are subject ot change without prior notice.