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Foley Holder (CTH-02)

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  • Foley Holder(CTH-02)

    Specify the Foley Catheter Holder, and you can put an end to the problems associated with tape, as well as reduce the potential for infection and trauma. Easy to put on and take off, the Foley Catheter Holder features a dual patented locking device that securely anchors the catheter in place. It helps minimize patient tampering, facilitates catheter traction, encourages mobility, and can be moved from leg to leg with total ease. The leg band is comfortable, too, thanks to a unique stretch material that distributes compression evenly around the thigh to avoid a tourniquet effect. A Velcro fastener engages the band at any point for a custom fit.

    CTH-02 Download


1 Position the foley holder, on the leg
2 Place the foley catheter, on the g-locking middle side
3 Move the g-locking left side and attachment
4 Move the g-locking right side and each attachment