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ECG(EKG) Limb Clamp Electrode

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  • EL-001 (Adult)


    • Upper plate clipper knob connector electro plate under plate nut
    • EL-001 Electrodes are accessories for the electrocardiogram, and used in most cardiogram equipment. It can connect to a straight jack, banana jack, and button connector. The clips are made with a special material for increased elasticity. This product is applicable to all patients (Adult & Pediatric) Ag & AgCl & Ni.
    ECG Electrode Download


  • Remarks: Green, Yellow, Black, Red with universal connector for acquiring resting ECG.


  • Disinfect electrodes with a 2% solution of common hospital disinfectant.
  • After use, clean electrodes with a soft cloth and a mild detergent to disinfect this product. When using water to clean the product, please pay attention and make sure that the water temperature is kept under 35℃.
  • Do not use during defibrillation!