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POMO - Bladeless Laparoscopy Trocar

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  • Laparoscopy Trocar, Trocar, Laparoscopy, Medical Equipment, Medical Device

    Laparoscopy Trocar is available in Short (70mm) and Standard (100mm) surgery length and in 6mm, 11 ~ 12mm diameters.
    Includes mechanism for high level sealing cannula can be used Through the Trocar of medical devices for surgery operating conditions.


    • High level seal design
    • Gas tap for insufflation & dessufflation
    • Translucent clear visual
    • Working stability & smooth
    • Adequate length mechanism


Model No. Length Diameter
GT-L76 70mm 6mm
GT-L711 11mm
GT-L712 12mm
GT-L106 100mm 6mm
GT-L1011 11mm
GT-L1012 12mm