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3-Way Stopcocks & Extension

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  • 3-Way Stopcocks SAVVY

    • ISO & CE Certification
    • Sterilized by E.O. gas
    • Available in white or blue color
    • Three-way stopcock features excellent pressure and solution compatibility
    • Convenience in observing flow path
    • Easily connects to other instruments.
    • Made from polycarbonate for additional channels of administering I.V. fluids.
    • Tap turns every 360 degree without limitation.
    • Multiple channels for multiple infusion therapy.
    • Designed to withstand pressure up to 5 bars

    3-Way Download


Part Name Material
Thereaded Stopper High density polyethylene
Stopcock tap High density polyethylene
PVC Free Tube PVC Free Material
Male Rotator Polycarbonate
Mediflexe body Polycarbonate
Plain Stopper Polycarbonate